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Legendary chiptune musician (the E stands for )

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multi-award winning tracker...maxYMiser

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With a career in chiptune music lasting more than 20 years and over two hundred gigs in at least twenty countries, few musicians in the chiptune scene can claim to be more seasoned than gwEm. His travels have taken him as far east as Japan, as far north as Norway, as far south as India, as far west as the United States and he has no plans of hanging up his trademark Flying V guitar anytime soon.

gwEm, known to his mother as Gareth Morris, creates his chiptune music using the maxYMiser software he wrote for the 1980s Atari ST homecomputer and talks excitedly about the artistic freedom the chiptune scene gives him. "chiptune music gives me the carte blanche to explore any genre I want, while still remaining under the umbrella of the friendly chip music scene". Certainly his extensive back catalogue of material bears this out, with drum'n'bass, punk, heavy metal, garage, electro, folk, house, grime, dad rock, happy hardcore and dubstep all present and correct.

gwEm's releases can be found on a number of net and physical labels including Astralwerks, Cheapbeats Tokyo, 8bitpeoples, micromusic, Shitkatapult and Muller. Collaborations with fellow London based artists, grime MC Appljuic and (famously) jazz drummer/jungle MC Counter Reset have been more than fruitful.

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